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“Team Series 18.7”


2018 CrossFit Games Team Series WOD #7

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  • For Load (with a Partner)
  • Perform one rep max of each:
  • Deadlift
  • Hang Clean
  • Hang Clean-and-Jerk
  • Time Cap: 10 minutes

Prior to starting the workout, the barbell may be preloaded with the first athlete’s starting weight for the complex. This workout begins with the barbell on the floor and the athlete standing tall. After the call of “3, 2, 1… go!” the first athlete may begin the barbell complex. To complete the complex, athletes must first verbally state the weight on the bar before deadlifting the bar, reaching full extension of the hips and knees with shoulders behind the bar. The athlete then can hang clean (either power or squat), again reaching full extension of the hips and knees, this time with the barbell on the shoulders with elbows in front of the bar at the top of the movement.

After lowering the barbell to the hang position with arms straight, the athlete must again perform a hang clean (either power or squat), reaching full extension of the hips and knees at the top with the barbell on the shoulders and elbows in front of the bar. Finally, the athlete must perform a jerk (split jerk or push jerk), finishing with arms locked out and barbell over the center of the body when viewed from the side. The second athlete then will complete the same complex. Athletes may make as many attempts as they’d like within the 10-minute time frame.

Judges will record only successfully completed barbell complexes, and only the highest single attempt by each athlete will count toward the team’s score. Only one athlete may be working at a time and only one barbell may be used per athlete for this workout. At any time, athletes may switch by touching hands. If an athlete begins the complex prior to the 10-minute mark, he or she will be allowed to continue and the lift will count if it is successfully completed. The team’s score will be the combined weight (in pounds) of each athlete’s best individual attempt at the barbell complex. For example, if Athlete 1 successfully completes 225 lb. and Athlete 2 successfully completes 255 lb., the team’s score for this event will be 480 lb.

Most athletes can complete this lift as prescribed.

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The 2018 CrossFit Team Series, held in September/October 2018 featured workouts designed for teams of two (female/female, male/male, or mixed-gender pairs). This was the seventh of eight workouts for the 2018 competition.
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