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by Shaun Spencer

“Taylor Swift Step it off”

Coach Creation WOD

220 9
  • 5 Rounds
  • 19 Calorie Row
  • 13 Wall Balls
  • Straight into :
  • 89 Med Ball Step Up's

Complete 5 rounds of 19 calorie row and 13 wall ball shots. Once the 5 rounds are completed, finish with the completion of 89 *med ball step-ups.

*Hold Med ball you used for wall-ball shots. Carry in any way you prefer and change as needed. Step up onto the box holding the med ball. The athlete must lockout hips at the top of the box step up.

Wallball RX weight 20/30lb
Scaled 14/20lb

Box height 20″ 24″

Home edition: swap wall balls for thrusters and burpees for rowing

The aim of the workout is to be a real leg and bum burner. Try to go unbroken for the wall balls and get your recovery on the rower.

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namesake photo

This workout is a tribute workout to Taylor Swift. Both myself and Emily have listened to Taylor a lot during the pandemic and lockdown. Her two new albums Folklore and Evermore have been calming and fun to listen to during a stressful 12 months.

Before the lockdown, we both found her music fun and uplifting so thought it could be a fitting tribute to do something similar.

Since Taylor is tall and always has her legs out decided to make this a leg dominant workout…I also made the movements ‘kind’ for tall people, eg rower, wall balls and step-ups.

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