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by Max El-Hag

“Super Summer Sizzler WODs #1 & #2”

2021 Training Think Tank Summer Throwdown

218 1
  • With a Running Clock in 24 minutes
  • From 0:00-5:00, establish:
  • 1 rep max Clean-and-Jerk
  • Rest 1 minute
  • From 6:00-11:00, establish:
  • 2 rep max Squat Snatches (Touch and Go)
  • Rest 1 minute
  • From 12:00-17:00, establish:
  • 3 rep max Back Squats
  • From 17:00-24:00, AMRAP of:
  • 7 Pogo Burpees
  • 24 foot Handstand Walk

Workouts 1 & 2 will be performed on a 24-minute running clock with no transition between. Each test will be scored independently.⁣ Bar can start preloaded. No straps allowed. From 0:00-5:00, establish a 1 rep max Clean-and-Jerk. Then, 1-minute rest and transition before the next lift. From 6:00-11:00, establish 2 rep max Touch and Go Snatches. Rest and transition for another minute.

From 12:00-17:00, establish a 3 rep max Back Squats. Must complete all 3 reps within a 20-second window. Time starts once the firs Back Squat is initiated and end once the 3rd rep is locked out. Then from 17:00-24:00, complete as many repetitions as possible (“AMRAP“) of 7 Pogo Burpees and 24 foot Handstand Walk.

There will be two scores. Score A is the heaviest load successfully lifted for each movement within their 5-minute windows. Score B is the total number of repetitions completed in the last 7-minute window.

Movement Standards

Handstand Walk: Both hands must start behind the line and both completely cross the next line for walk to count. 6ft minimum unbroken segments. ⁣

Pogo Burpee: This is a variation of the standard Burpee wherein athlete will have to jump over the line and back to count as 1 rep.

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Background: Super Summer Sizzler WODs #1 & #2 mark the 1st workout out of 3 total WODs in the Training Think Tank “Super Summer Sizzler” Series, programmed by the Coaches at Training Think Tank @trainingthinktank (TTT) during the 2021 Summer Season.

The series of WODs included 3 workouts.

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