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by Trent Simmons

“Strong Hold”

Coach Creation WOD

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  • For Time:
  • Accumulate 6 Minutes Of A Sandbag Hold (150/100#)
  • *For any break during the Sandbag Hold a penalty of 5 Deadlifts at 1.5xBW will need to be completed immediately following the 6 minutes.

Score: The time it takes to complete the work.

Equipment: For this workout, you need to have all of the equipment set up before you start. Get your Deadlift bar set to the prescribed weight. When holding the sandbag you must be standing in place and holding the bag in front of the body and above the waist. No shoulder or knee loading. Have something to mark with for every drop. After you accumulate the 6 minute hold go to your Deadlift bar and complete the penalty reps.

Scaling: The weight can be adjusted down on the bag or use two kettlebells held in a front rack position. The Deadlift weight can be adjusted to bodyweight.

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Posterior chain strength test. I train myself and my athletes with odd objects weekly. I have worked many years in construction and picking up heavy awkward things was a requirement every single day. I think it should be trained outside and inside the gym. The true meaning of being functionally strong and durable.

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