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2020 Filthy 150 Sanctional WOD #8

1.6K 15
  • 4 Rounds for Time
  • 30 calorie Bike
  • 25 Toes-to-Bars
  • 20 meter Sandbag Cleans (150/100 lb)
  • Time Cap: 25 minutes

Movement Standards

Assault Bike: Athlete must stay seated on the bike until reps are completed each round. Athletes must reset their monitor each round.

Toes-to-Bar: Begin by hanging from the pull-up bar with arms extended. Heels must be brought back behind the bar. Wearing hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.) is permitted. Overhand, underhand, or mixed grips are all permitted. The rep is credited when both feet come in contact with the bar at the same time, between the hands. Any part of the feet may make contact with the bar.

Sandbag Clean: The rep starts with the sandbag on the floor and the athlete’s torso and feet facing directly down their lane. The sandbag must be cleaned over the shoulder, passing directly over the shoulder, higher than the shoulder, without torso rotation, feet stay planted on the floor for the duration of the rep.

If the feet move at all before the sandbag is released, a no-rep will be called and sandbag must be brought back to where it was taken from. Sandbag can’t be dragged along the floor at any point.

The sandbag is cleaned repeatedly until it fully passes the end-line. If the sandbag passes the end-line but is still in contact with the line, it must be cleaned again.

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Background: “Sisyphus” was the 8th of 8 WODs for the 2020 Filthy 150 competition. 2020 was the 1st year of the competition at CrossFit Bua (Dublin, Ireland) to be a part of the CrossFit Games Sanctionals 2020 season.

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