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by Ben Plotnicki

“Simple WM couplet”

Coach Creation WOD

485 9
  • 5rft
  • 5 c&j @ 185/125
  • 25 double under

This is a quick workout for time.

The goal isn't neccessarily to be able to go unbroken on the c&j but you should be able to move pretty quickly. Since this is a quick simple burner, fast transitions are key.

I'm always the propenent of practicing double unders as opposed to using singles as a modification. If you just want a good workout, then go for singles and challenge yourself as soon as the workout is done to spend some time praciticing double unders and implementing some drills.

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No real background to this workout, I just like the simplicity in the couplet and a goal of moving the barbell quickly and efficiently.

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