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“SID Qualifier 19.3”


2019 CrossFit Strength in Depth WOD #3

1.6K 18
  • AMRAP in 9 minutes
  • 20 Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Clean-and-Jerks (22.5/15 kg)
  • 50 Double-Unders
  • 50 foot Handstand Walk
  • 50 Double-Unders

This workout begins with the athlete standing in an upright position next to the dumbbell. After the call of “3, 2, 1… go,” the athlete may grab the dumbbell and complete 20 single arm hang clean and jerks. The athlete must complete 10 reps on one arm, before 10 reps on the other arm. Once all 20 dumbbell hang clean and jerks have been completed, the athlete will advance to their jump rope to complete 50 double-unders. Athletes will then complete a 50-ft. handstand walk before completing a further 50 double-unders.

The athlete’s score will be the total number of repetitions completed within the 9-minute time cap. In the handstand walk, each 5-foot section will be equivalent to 1 repetition.

Movement Standards

Dumbbell Hang Clean-and-Jerk: After the dumbbell is lifted from the floor, the athlete must pause with the dumbbell at the hang position: either at their side or between the legs. From there, the athlete may perform a muscle clean, power clean, squat clean or split clean, so long as the dumbbell makes contact with the shoulder before being lifted overhead.

Once at the shoulder, the athlete may move the dumbbell overhead any way they choose. Shoulder press, push press, push jerk and split jerk are all permitted. The non-working hand may not come into contact with the body or the dumbbell while the dumbbell is being lifted. Athletes may use two hands while lowering the dumbbell between reps.

The dumbbell must come to a full lockout overhead, with the hips, knees, and arms fully extended, the feet aligned under the hips, and the bar directly over the middle of the athlete’s body when viewed in profile. If a split jerk is performed, both feet must return and align under the athlete’s hips while the dumbbell is locked out overhead. Dumbbells locked out at an angle to the side of the body away from the vertical plane will not be permitted. Once the athlete has achieved lockout, the repetition will count.

Each round, athletes must perform 10 repetitions on one arm, then switch and perform the next 10 with the other arm. If the athlete breaks before 10 repetitions have been completed on a given arm, they must take care to continue repetitions on the same arm upon picking it back up; and swap only once the 10 repetitions have been completed for that arm.

Double-Under: This is a standard double-under in which the rope passes completely under the feet twice for each jump. The rope must spin forward for the rep to count.

Handstand Walk: The handstand walk area must be divided into 5-ft. segments visibly marked on the floor. Ideally, the lane will have five consecutive segments, allowing a 25-foot walk in one direction and a 25-foot walk back. Walking more than 25 feet in one direction without turning around is not allowed.

The athlete must start with their feet BEHIND the mark denoting the start of the segment being attempted, and when kicking up, the hands (entire hand, including palm and fingers) must also start BEHIND the line. Stepping across the line or landing with the hands across the line when kicking up into the handstand constitutes a no rep. If any part of the hand makes contact with the marked line when kicking up into the handstand, this will also constitute a no rep.

If at any time the athlete comes down from the hands, he or she must restart from the last increment crossed. Both hands, including palms and fingers, must fully cross the line marking the 5-foot increment to earn credit for that distance. Each 5-foot section will be equivalent to 1 repetition.

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Background: The Strength in Depth (SiD) Online Qualifier workout #3 ("SiD 19.3 Qualifier") was the last of three total workouts for the 2019 SiD Qualifer. The workout, announced on November 25, 2018, is a triplet AMRAP.

CrossFit® Strength in Depth is an individual and team competition, held in London 23-24 February 2019. The winning male, female and team will be invited to the Reebok CrossFit® Games in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
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