“Shane Ortega”


  • For Time
  • Buy-in: 2 mile Run
  • Then, 21-15-9 reps of:
  • Push Presses (80% max)
  • Burpees Over the Bar
  • Cash-out: 2 mile Run

This workout, as originally written, called for “heavy push presses” but did not specify an Rx weight. WODwell set Rx at 80% of the athlete’s 1-rep push press. Scale as needed.

namesake photo
Background: This tribute WOD is dedicated to Shane Ortega. Shane @shaneortega_ is a retired U.S. Army Sergeant who served at Wheeler Airfield in Oahu, Hawaii as a helicopter crew chief in the Army's 25th Infantry Division, and was the first openly trans soldier in the U.S. Military.

Ortega has been on over 400 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, "and fought side-by-side in foxholes and remote operating bases." Ortega stated, "I will continue to fight this fight for the 700,000 transgender veterans that have gone before me who were forced to choose between serving their country and being true to who they are." He always presents as male except when compelled by the Army to wear women's "dress blues" for official occasions, he lives as a man and holds ID and passport under his male gender. Ortega notes that in a combat zone it made little difference in his gender identity as he was expected to carry his own equipment and do his job.

We first found this workout, dubbed "Shane," posted by OUTWOD @outwod on May 14, 2018.
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