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“Sgt Barros”


Cross Power Hero WOD

8.7K 216
  • AMRAP in 12 minutes
  • 12 Wall Ball Shots (10/6 kg)
  • 12 Kettlebell Swings (20/16 kg)
  • 12 Kettlebell Snatches (20/16 kg)
  • 100 meter Sprint

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namesake photo

This Hero WOD was created in memory of Sergeant Maurício Barros, 37, who died Wednesday March 21, 2018 after being shot during an incursion into the Favela Gogó da Ema, in the Bom Pastor neighborhood (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). A member of the Tactical Actions Group, Sgt. Barros was hit in the abdomen and leg. He was taken to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The workout was submitted to us by Dayverson Castro on behalf of Cross Power gym @crosspower_rj (Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro), who said: “He was an honest, honest cop and defended society with honor and pride. Many become police, he was born to be a cop. He was wearing his uniform with pride and honor, always ready to help everyone. He defended and fought for all of Belford Roxo (Rio de Janeiro) where he was born and raised by his parents. He loved Belford Roxo and fought for her to the end.”

“Among his friends he was known as ‘Barrinho da 12’; Because he always operated with his inseparable 12-caliber,” which gives significance to the 12’s in the workout.

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