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by Shaun Spencer

“Secret Dirty Thirty”

Coach Creation WOD

4.3K 34
  • For Time (with a Partner)
  • In 10 minutes, complete:
  • 95 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb) (shared)
  • Rest until 10:00
  • 400 meter Run (each)
  • In 10 minutes, complete:
  • 1,564 meter Partner Row (shared)
  • 29 Burpees (each)
  • Directly into, 4 Rounds (shared) of:
  • 11 Squat Cleans (115/75 lb)
  • 4 Push Presses (115/75 lb)
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 19 Push-Ups

Only one athlete can work at a time. Split the work as necessary.

Perform the wall ball shots in 10 minutes. Only one athlete can work at a time. If the wall ball shots are completed under 10 minutes, rest for the remaining time. After the first 10 minutes, each athlete will run 400 meters (one after the other) before the next part.

Once run is completed, athletes will proceed with the row. Only one athlete can work at a time. Each athlete needs to perform 29 burpees by the end of the row.

After completing the row, athletes will go directly into the 4 rounds of cleans, push presses, air squats and push-ups.

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Background: “Secret Dirty 30” is a birthday workout dedicated by Coach Shaun Spencer @resolutefitnesschallenge to his friend Emily Smith. He designed it with hidden numbers that add up to 30 years and used them for time/reps/meters etc.

10950 (number of days in 30 years), 1564.29 (number of weeks), 400m run i.e 360 degrees …360 months in 30 years. Then 11/4/2019 (30th birthday). Three parts representing three stages of life completed ‘childhood, teens, and twenties.

Shaun, Emily and a group from CrossFit Local @crossfitlocal did the workout together. Shaun and Emily posted a time of 26 minutes. The best team’s time was 24 minutes.

See also (unrelated): “Dirty 30” Benchmark WOD

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