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by Ryan Garcia

“The Tiger's Whiskers”

Coach Creation WOD

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  • 20 Min AMRAP Ladder
  • 10 Double-Unders
  • 1 Round of Cindy*
  • Add 10 Double-Unders after every round.
  • *1 round of Cindy consists of: 5 Pull-Ups, 10 Push-Ups, 15 Air Squats

The workout begins with the athlete completing 10 double-unders then executing 1 full round of the benchmark workout, "Cindy"

One round of "Cindy" is 5 Pull-Ups (Chin over bar), 10 Push-Ups, and 15 Air Squats.

That = 1 full round. For Round 2, the athlete adds 10 reps to the double-unders making it 20 reps, then 1 round of "Cindy." Round 3 would be 30 double-unders + 1 Round of "Cindy" etc…

Portions can be scaled as needed. If no double-unders, scale to 2x single-unders. Banded pull-ups or ring rows are fine to scale for pull-ups (NO JUMPING PULL-UPS!) Push-ups and squats can be scaled according to strength and range of motion standards.

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Ladder style AMRAP workouts are my jam!

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