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by Ryan Garcia

“School Yard Bullsh*t”

Coach Creation WOD

125 1
  • For Time
  • 1 mile Sled Drag (135/95 lb)
  • 50 calorie Row
  • 40 Handstand Push-Ups
  • 30 Squat Cleans (225/155 lb)
  • 20 Ring Muscle-Ups

Begin with the mile sled drag. The type of sled does not matter, just make sure the weight of the sled is accounted for so you are dragging 135/95# TOTAL. The drag may be a combination of forward or backward drags. Upon completion of the mile sled drag, complete 50 calorie row on any damper setting, 40 handstand push-ups (kipping or strict) I make my athlete RX with head to floor HSPUs but you may set up the Open approved ab mat and bumper plate set up if necessary. The cleans are from the floor and are meant to be full cleans with a squat passing below parallel every rep. Finish with 20 ring muscle-ups to the open and games standards.


Scale the weight of the sled as needed, or if no access to a sled, run a 5k instead. Scale the handstand push-ups by elevating the floor under the athlete’s head with plates and/or ab mats. Seated DB shoulder presses are a good intermediate scaling option (35/20#) or scale to hand-release push-ups. The clean weight can be scaled as needed or athletes can scale to a 1+1 power clean+front squat if they need to. The ring muscle-ups can be scaled to bar muscles ups, or any pull up variation with the same number of reps. If athletes don’t have pull-ups they can scale to banded ring dips for 20 or double reps of ring rows for 40 reps.

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Background: School yard bullshit is dedicated to a former athlete of mine, Scott Glen. Scott was an athlete of mine between 2013-2015 and ended up moving out of state to pursue his career. Scott was an athlete but was green to CrossFit when he first started. He was able to get by on most of his early CrossFit workouts based purely on his athleticism, but he was not ok with just getting by or being mediocre, he wanted to step up his level of performance. It started with him asking for extra work after class, and then eventually asked if he could come in and train when I trained.

I followed all of my own programming, but at the time I was competitive as a regional athlete, so I was always looking to add other elements to my own programming. Scott was one of the first AND one of the only individuals dedicated enough to ALWAYS showing up. Not only did he improve upon his own levels of fitness, he pushed me to get better, and unknowingly to him, his presence as a workout partner helped keep me significantly accountable to my own progress as an athlete. Shortly after Scott moved away, he was able to come back and visit. I had just moved the gym to a new location, and he wanted to come break in the new spot with some good old fashioned "School Yard Bullshit" So that is exactly what we did, and this is for him!

Intended Stimulus: The intended stimulus is to wear the athlete down early with the burden of the sled drag, and expose weaknesses that may come from that when attempting to tackle a combination of body weight gymnastics movements and heavy lifting.

Strategy: Mix up the sled drag systematically in a way that you can always keep moving, but not feel overwhelmed by the task. A steady pace will bode well in place of trying to come out guns blazing or taking too many breaks. Use the row as a recovery and to get your legs back, but don't overpull with the arms because you will need those for the handstand push-ups. Keep the handstand push-ups and muscle-ups in small, manageable sets with short rest, DO NOT GO TO FAILURE and I would advise singles on the cleans.
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