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by James Fitzgerald

“Run 3K”

Big Dawgs Cyclical WOD

2.6K 73
  • For Time
  • 3000 meter Run

Running a 3K run time trial on a controlled surface such as a track.

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The 3K track run is a great test for functional volume, as its duration (9 to 15 minutes) mirrors many events in the sport. The 3K is not far off the 5K functional volume requirement for running. Simple and repeatable the test is also valid for testing VO2 max and overall cardio-respiratory endurance.

Good scores:
We are not looking for specific absolute scores in this test. Conducting the test on a 400-meter track offers the chance to measure splits to determine more about what is required in the skill, be it pace, technique or capacity.

Potential limiters:
• Lack of lower body strength to perform dynamics
• Localized muscle fatigue in legs from lack of muscle endurance
• Breathing
• Lack of aerobic development in running
• Lack of aerobic power in running

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