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by James Fitzgerald

“Row 60 Minutes”

Big Dawgs Cyclical WOD

1.1K 35
  • Max Distance in 60 minutes
  • Row

The 60 minute row is 60 minutes to accumulate max distance on the rower in meters.

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First, it speaks to patience and being able to create rhythm in aerobic work. Secondly, squat and upper pull pattern endurance which is very sport-specific. And thirdly, fueling ability. The 60-minute row is the longest of the KPI tests but provides good insight into overall aerobic capacity, CNS ability, and readiness, without the athlete needing to take two weeks off to recover.

Good scores:
In terms of figures, using the bodyweight adjustment calculator, the adjusted score that athletes should strive for is 17,000 meters in 60 minutes. That would be a 14,700-meter raw score for 140-pound person, a 15,200-meter score for 160-pound person, 15,600-meter score for a 180-pound person, 16,000-meter raw score for a 200-pound person and a 16,300-meter score for a 220-pound person.

Potential limiters:
• Inability to row for 60 minutes straight
• Muscle endurance failure
• Fuel substrate problem
• Technique on the rower
• Body temperature regulation issue
• Overall aerobic ability
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