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by Jianpeng Liu

“Rouse 410”

CrossFit Rouse Tribute WOD

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  • For Time
  • 100 Deadlifts (135/95 lb)
  • 100 Power Cleans (115/85 lb)
  • 100 Power Snatches (95/65 lb)
  • 100 Overhead Squats (75/55 lb)
  • 10 Man Makers (2x20/15 kg)

Use a single barbell and a pair of dumbbells. Athlete must change his/her own weight.

One man maker consists of a dumbbell push-up, two renegade rows (one per arm), and a squat clean thruster.

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namesake photo

This chipper-style workout is a nod to the 9/11 memorial WOD “343”, which according to coach Liu of CrossFit Rouse (Guangzhou, China), their members love and had done “5 times in 3 years.” “Rouse 410,” named for the gym’s April 10, 2016 birthday, starts with the same 100 deadlifts and 100 power cleans as “343,” but takes it up a notch toward the end.

Liu said he added reps compared to already long “343,” not only to make it a grinder of a WOD but also to “balance it” with the overhead squats. He added the 10 reps of man makers to get dumbbells involved “and really can take your last breath away.”

In 2019 Rouse’s fastest athletes finished the workout in under 50 minutes, with others finishing just under the 99-minute time cap.

CrossFit Rouse celebrated its 3rd birthday boasting 200 members who Liu says “really love CrossFit.” He added, “…if [this is] the first benchmark [WOD] from China, I hope the world will [now] know CrossFit is popular in China.”

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