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by Brendan Walcoff

“Ring Pump”

Coach Creation WOD

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  • EMOM for 12 minutes
  • Odd: 10 foot Elevated Ring Rows
  • Even: 10 foot Elevated Ring Push-Ups

Rings should be placed in line with the box. Rings must touch chest on every rep. Start with 24 in box and rings 24 in off the ground.

Score is total number of minutes with assigned reps
completed. 12 is a perfect score.


EMOM in 12 minutes
Odd: 10 Ring Rows
Even: 10 Push-Ups

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Background: Great simple upper body piece that can be done with only a set of rings.I have a pair of rings in my backyard and this is an easy go to for a quick pump that has helped me build confidence working on the rings.

Intended Stimulus: Even out horizontal pushing and pulling strength. Get a big chest and back.

Strategy: Work on keeping the glutes engaged and core tight especially at the bottom of your pushups. Fight to maintain posture and don’t let the head shoot forward on ring rows.

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