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“Regionals 14.2”


2014 CrossFit Games Regionals WOD

2.9K 13
  • For Rounds
  • Max Distance Handstand Walk
  • Time Cap: 3 minutes

Athletes will begin at the starting line and will walk as far as possible on their hands without their feet touching the ground. If the athlete kicks up to their hands and travels fewer than 10 feet this will be considered a “false start,” and they may re-attempt from the starting line. Each athlete will be allowed two “false starts.”

If the athlete makes it the full 120 feet to the other side of the of the stadium, they may come down to their feet, kick back up in the opposite direction, and start traveling back toward the start line.

Athletes will begin this event 2 minutes after completing Event 1.

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Background: The second of 7 total workouts for the 2014 CrossFit Games Regionals (aka: “Regionals 14.2”) was announced on April 28, 2014.

Regionals are the second stage of the CrossFit Games, following The Open, where the fittest athletes and teams in each region competed to earn their place in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.

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