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by James Fitzgerald

“Press + Weighted Pull-Up”

Big Dawgs Strength WOD

3.2K 24
  • For Load
  • 1 rep max Strict Press
  • 1 rep max Weighted Pull-Up

The athlete establishes a strict press and a weighted pull-up 1 rep maximum, both at a 30X1 tempo.

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The press/pull-up up ratio overall health of the shoulder and upper absolute strength levels. The ratio commonly reveals that the area for most concern is the press. This is usually the case due to the high volume of pulling in the sport and if the athlete possesses longer arms and a taller body.

Good scores:
The press should be 65% of the weighted chin up. The weighted pull-up score should be 1.5 x bodyweight.

Potential limiters:
• Instability at the shoulder joint
• Lack of absolute strength in the press
• Lack of absolute strength in the pull-up
• Anthropometrics of you as an athlete

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