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by Brendan Walcoff

“Pistol Pete”

Coach Creation WOD

5.6K 205
  • For Time
  • 100 Alternating Pistols
  • Every minute on the minute starting at 0:00, perform:
  • 10 Push-Ups

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform 100 Pistols. Every minute on the minute starting at 0:00, perform 10 Push-Ups.

Score is the time on the clock when the 100th Pistol is completed.

Tips and Strategy

Switch legs every rep for pistols to keep the legs fresh. Knock out the pushups quickly so you can recover as you pistol squat. Find a regression for pistols if you cannot keep proper alignment with your knees and ankles.

Intended Stimulus

Big butt and leg burner here. Trying to get some squatting intensity and volume without weights.

Movement Standards

Pistol squats must go below parallel, Push-Ups must have chest touching the ground and arms locked out at the top.


If Pistols are hard, find a tough progression that works for you. Add a counterbalance in your hands, start from a box, stand on a box, or sub for cossack squats.

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Background: What do you do when you want to keep your squat gains going but you’re without a barbell? Make squatting with your bodyweight as hard as you can! Nothing beats a good challenging pistol squat when it comes to bodyweight leg strengthening exercises.

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