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by Pete Marjamaa


Coach Creation WOD

1.2K 10
  • AMRAP in 9 minutes
  • 4 Clean-and-Jerks (275/195 lb)
  • 7 Rope Climbs
  • 10 Thrusters (185/125 lb)
  • 13 Bar Muscle-Ups

Complete as many reps as possible in 9 minutes.

Score is the total number of reps completed in 9 minutes.


Intermediate: Reduce weight on clean-and-jerks to about 75% of the athletes 1 rep max and reduce thruster weight to 95-115/75-105. Bar muscle-ups can be scaled back to chest-to-bar pull-ups and rope climb reps can be cut down to 2-4.

Beginner: This is not recommended for beginners. Clean-and-Jerk and thruster weight can be reduced significantly. Bar muscle-ups can be scaled down to a ring row or supine row. In place of rope climbs, the athlete could do rope rows or lying to standing.

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Background: I like tests and wanted something similar to King Kong or Death Wish III.

Intended Stimulus: This is a moderate to heavy workout with two advanced gymnastics movements. The grip will be taxed with the two gymnastics movements and the clean portion of the two barbell movements. The full-body nature of all of the movements should jack the heart rate way up.

Strategy: This is mostly a test. Look the movements and weights over carefully to decide if you should attempt this workout. As in most workouts, pacing is key in this one. If you are a Games athlete you can probably get through a couple of rounds. The general population should scale this workout in order to get at least one round completed.

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