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by Pete Marjamaa

“Partner 5”

Coach Creation WOD

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  • For Time:
  • 100x Calorie Bike
  • 100x DB Ground to Overheads (70/40)
  • 100x Hand Release Pushups
  • 100x Ring Muscle ups
  • 100x Thrusters (95/65)
  • 100x Chest to Bar
  • 100x Calorie Bike
  • 60 minute time cap
  • Athletes alternate working a minute and resting a minute

This is a challenging partner workout for most, with a you go, I go style. One athlete works for a minute and the other rests. The athletes accumulate as many reps as possible until 100 reps are reached for that movement before moving onto the next.

Intermediate athletes should consider scale down certain movements like the muscle ups and possibly reducing the weight on the ground to overheads. If muscle ups seem impossible, they could be omitted from the workout.

Scaled athletes could work in groups of 3 or 4 and/or possibly reduce the reps for each movement to 50.

With a time cap of 60 minutes, this is a longer, fatiguing workout. Athletes should consider the health of their shoulders when attempting muscle ups and chest to bar if they aren’t used to this amount of volume.

My training partner, Kaleb, and I finished this in 57:29 the first time attempting it. The strategy was to do the barbell and gymnastics movements in one larger set, rest 15 seconds and then attempt to get about half the reps on a second attempt before taking a break.

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At our gym we have been training really hard and putting in a lot of volume. As a much needed break we have been doing partner workouts about twice a week, to fit in some skill work. Everyone loves partner workouts and with no competitions coming up, it gives the feeling of an “on the floor” atmosphere while competing against a time cap.

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