Underfit CrossFit Hero WOD

  • For Time
  • Buy-In: 2 mile Run
  • Then, 4 rounds of:
  • 3 Rope Climbs
  • 18 Thrusters (95/65 lb)
  • 12 Bar Facing Burpees
  • Cash-Out: 2 mile Run
  • Wear a Weight Vest throughout (20/14 lb)
namesake photo
Nicolas Soto Estroz was a Firefighter of the Third Company of Villarrica (Chile), who died on February 12, 2019 after saving his friend as he fought fires that day, in Nueva Imperial.

On February 3, Nicolás was putting out fire among the grasslands the giant forest fires when a helicopter that serves CONAF (the National Forest Corporation of Chile) appeared at low altitude among the smoke. The aircraft began to drop baskets of water. Nicolás Soto realized that the water was pouring onto a firefighter partner, and he managed to push the volunteer to keep him from being hit by the basket. However, unfortunately, the basket hit Nicolás, leaving him severely wounded. He died days later. In addition to his heroism in the field, he donated his organs to save the lives of two children who urgently needed transplants.

Significance of the repetitions:
- 2 Mile run: for the 2 children he saved
- 4 rounds for his 4 years of service
- 3 rope climbs: 3 is the day he was injured
- 18 thrusters: 18 is the time he was hit
- 12 bar facing burpees: 18 is the day he died
- Cash-out 2 mile run: The hopes of 2 children's new lives

The workout was created by Richard Roman Saez, head coach of Underfit CrossFit (Santiago, Chile) by request of Diego Castro, who shared it with us. Diego, a firefighter like Nicolás (from a different company) honored Soto Stroz by seeking a coach to help him create this hero WOD.
Movements : Burpee, Rope Climb, Run, Thruster
Equipment : Barbell, Rope, Weight Vest
Scoring : For Time
Category : The Heroes
Dates : February 12