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Hyrox Workout of the Week

1.0K 20
  • With a Running Clock
  • 12-10-8-6-4 Reps of:
  • Bench Presses (increase weight each round)
  • Pull-Ups
  • Then, AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
  • 20 calorie Ski Erg
  • 20 meter Sled Push
  • 20 calorie Row
  • 20 meter Sled Push

Mitchell consists of 2 parts that you should complete one after another.

Part a) is a pure strength circuit that includes Bench Press and Pull-Ups. Start with 12 Bench Press followed by 12 Pull-Ups, and reduce the reps by 2 each round. While you decrease in reps, you should increase the weight for Bench Press each round.

Pick a weight that allows you to complete all reps unbroken with good form. There should be little to no rest between transitions. After each round, rest for 2-3 minutes. 

Part b) is a 20-minute AMRAP that includes Ski Erg, Sled Push, and Rowing. For the Sled, pick a weight that allows you to push the entire distance without resting.

Score is the total number of rounds and repetitions completed in the 20-minute AMRAP.

Scaling Options: Decrease the reps of part a) by half and by doing Ring Rows instead of Pull-Ups for part b), decrease from 20 to 10 minutes.

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Background: This workout was designed by Hyrox @hyroxworld and posted as one of their “Workouts of the Week.”

Hyrox bills itself as a worldwide fitness competition for everybody and holds an annual “championship of fitness” event with participants from around the world.

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