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“Marine 16”


Coastal Fitness / Team RWB Memorial WOD

21.7K 648
  • Eight 2-minute AMRAPs in 16 minutes
  • From 0:00-2:00
  • 20 meter Sprint
  • 16 Burpees
  • From 2:00-4:00:
  • 20 meter Sprint
  • 16 Push-Ups
  • From 4:00-6:00:
  • 20 meter Sprint
  • 16 Air Squats
  • From 6:00-8:00:
  • 20 meter Sprint
  • 16 Mountain Climbers
  • From 8:00-10:00:
  • 20 meter Sprint
  • 16 Jumping Jacks
  • From 10:00-12:00:
  • 20 meter Sprint
  • 16 Jumping Lunges
  • From 12:00-14:00:
  • 20 meter Sprint
  • 16 High Knees
  • From 14:00-16:00:
  • 20 meter Sprint
  • 16 Tuck Jumps

Perform as many rounds and repetitions as possible of each couplet within the 2 minutes allotted, then move immediately to the next 2-minute AMRAP. Count one repetition for each 20-meter sprint (10 meters = 1 repetition). Count one repetition for each 2-count on mountain climbers and high knees (left and right = 1 repetition). For all other movements, count one repetition per completed movement (eg: burpees, push-ups, air squats, jumping jacks, tuck jumps) or per side (eg: jumping lunges). Track total number of repetitions completed for each 2-minute AMRAP. Score is total number of repetitions completed in all eight AMRAPs.

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namesake photo

This memorial workout was created to honor 15 fallen US Marines and one Navy Corpsman who were involved in a KC-130 crash in Mississippi on July 10, 2017.

Six of the Marines and the sailor were from an elite Marine Raider battalion at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Nine were based out of Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh, New York, home of a Marine Aerial Refueling and Transport Squadron.

Team Red, White and Blue (@teamrwb) of Camp Lejeune, NC partnered with a local gym, Coastal Fitness, to create and host this workout on July 22, 2017. They collected donations for the families of the fallen.

From Rachel Schwartz of Coastal Fitness, who designed the WOD: “The workout is based on the number 16 (16 minutes of continuous movements, 16 repetitions per set). At one end of the field where the workout was held we had 16 American flags lined up to remind each participant why they were there, pushing themselves through such a challenging workout. We had about 50 people show up and everyone completed the workout! We even had deployed members of Team RWB complete the workout over seas.”

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