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by Ryan Garcia

“Locked Up”

Coach Creation WOD

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  • 40-30-20-10 Reps for Time
  • Unbroken Burpees
  • Unbroken Air Squats

Relatively simple format, but the catch is each set needs to be completed without stopping or pausing. For RX the burpees are 2-foot sprawl back, and 2-foot jump up (no stepping) with a jump and clap to finish. The air squats are just standard air squats below parallel. If you break or pause on a set, you must repeat that set from 0.

For example, if you are on your set of 30 air squats, and at rep 20 you need to stop and adjust your feet or shake out your legs, that counts a break, and you must start over at 0 of 30. For the burpees, it is essentially on your honor to know if you break or pause. Laying on the ground for too long, or standing still for too long counts as a break, the movement from down and up to jump and clap must be relatively smooth, and seamless. If you pause or break, you would start from 0 on whatever burpee set you are on.


Scale the burpees to squat thrusts, cut the reps in half, or omit the rule of doing the reps unbroken and just get through the rep scheme for time.

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Background: This workout was inspired by an athlete of mine who had limited equipment to train for an extended period of time, and came up with this workout as his go-to in order to stay active. The name “Locked Up” is an ode to the penalty of having to start a set from 0. The workout is like a jail sentence, and the more you break, the longer your “sentence” is.

Intended Stimulus: The intended stimulus is to test the engine and reward the athletes who can move quickly in big sets with limited amounts of rest. It is a good test of stamina and endurance and like an EMOM format can force a lot of athletes out of their comfort zones of scaling, pacing, and gaming workouts because they have to commit to the set in order to avoid the penalty.

Strategy: Be fluid but don’t redline on the burpees. As long as the transitions are seamless the burpees on the 40 and 30 set don’t need to be all-out sprints, especially if burpees spike your heart rate. The air squats can be done a bit faster if you are comfortable with the bigger sets and they won’t light your legs up too much for the burpees. This one is will all depend on the recovery time in between sets you will need in order to do each set unbroken.

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