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Hero WOD

369 42
  • For Time
  • Buy-In: 52 Air Squats
  • Then, 4 Rounds of:
  • 300 meter Run
  • 15 Navy SEAL Push-Ups
  • 23 Sit-Ups
  • 7 Strict Pull-Ups
  • Buy-Out: 52 Burpees

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work in the order written. Athlete must complete the buy-in of 52 Air Squats before moving on to 4 rounds of 300 meter Run, 15 Navy SEAL Push-Ups, 23 Sit-Ups, and 7 Strict Pull-Ups. To finish the workout, complete the buy-out of 52 Burpees.

Score is the time on the clock when the 52nd Burpee is completed.

Movement Standard

Navy SEAL Push-Up: Start in a pike position (aka: downward dog) and bend your arms to move your chest fluidly toward the ground before lowering your hips and pushing up to the top of the push-up position (aka: plank). Finish the rep by moving back in the opposite direction to the starting point.

See: Navy SEAL Push-Up Demo

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namesake photo
Background: This hero workout is dedicated to Detective Lemuel “Lem” Savage, Amarillo Police Dept. who was shot and killed while transporting two prisoners to jail on March 15, 1945. He had arrested the two when he found them burglarizing a store.

During the transport, one of the men produced a gun and shot Detective Savage.

Lem was a Detective with the Amarillo Police Department (TX) for 4 years.

The workout was designed and submitted by Sam Miceli, a close friend of Detective Savage's grandson who is following in his footsteps as a police officer, with over two decades of service.

The rep scheme signifies:
- 52 reps signify his age when he died
- 300 meter Run and 15 Navy SEAL Push-Ups for the date of his end of watch, March 15
- 7 Strict Pull-Ups and 23 Sit-Ups for Detective Savage's birthday on July 23.
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