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“Leim on Bhraidan”

CrossFit Leixlip WOD

1.1K 46
  • With a Running Clock in 12 minutes
  • 18-9-5 reps of:
  • Power Cleans (135/95 lb)
  • Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
  • In the remaining time, establish:
  • 1 rep max Thruster

On a 12-minute clock, athlete must perform the 18 Power Cleans and 18 Wall Ball Shots before moving on to 9 and 5 repetitions of each movement. Right after the couplet, athlete will have the remaining time to establish one rep max Thruster.

This workout is scored in two parts. Score A is the time it takes to complete the couplet. Score B is the maximum load successfully lifted within the remaining time.

Tips and Strategy

After finishing the first couplet, give yourself a full minute rest before adding weight to your thruster. You should take your first thruster attempt at the same weight you used for the metcon. Although we want you to move quickly through this workout, you will likely find that the best strategy is starting each round of cleans with a large set and then resorting to quick singles as soon as you break that set.

Intended Stimulus

While the goal is to move quickly through the first couplet, you also want loads that allow you to move well. The loadings shouldn’t be so heavy that we see quality of movement break down by the end of the workout. The loading for this workout should feel moderate. Athlete should have a wall ball loading that allows you to maintain unbroken sets.

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Background: We first found Leim on Bhraidain by CrossFit Leixlip @crossfitleixlip posted on Instagram by Ham Plan @hamplan who, throughout February 2020, shared workouts like this one submitted to them by members of their affiliate community.

A February 2, 2020 post by Ham Plan’s Austin Malleolo @amalleolo on Instagram said, “This month we have the first-ever HAM Affiliate Month! This is special, as the entire month is programmed and created by YOU: the HAM Plan community!”

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