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“Kilino Jo”


CrossFit 275 Memorial WOD

3.5K 10
  • For Time (in a Team of 3):
  • Buy In:
  • 1997 meter Row
  • Then, 4 Rounds of:
  • 16 Deadball Over Bar (chest height) (50/35 kg)
  • 13 Rope Climbs
  • 29 Deadball Bear Hug Squats
  • 24 Clean & Jerks (60/40kg)
  • Cash Out:
  • 2017 m Deadball March*
  • *Carry 2 Deadballs per team:
  • Males: 1 x 40kg and 1 x 20kg
  • Females: 1 x 30kg and 1 x 20kg

Complete the row, then the 4-round portion of the workout, then the deadball march. For the deadball march, rotate deadballs among team members until the 2017 meter distance is completed. If a deadball is dropped at any point, for any reason, all team members complete 10 push-up penalty (each) before carrying on.

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namesake photo

In memory of Kilino Joseph Lemafoe Tua, a junior sailor in the Royal NZ Navy. He was last seen at a popular swimming hole and attraction, To Sua, In Samoa on 29 April 2017. Samoan authorities have said it is thought Tua was struck by a rogue wave or fell into the ocean.

The youngest and only son of Lemafoe Joe Tua and Maria Koreti Nepa Tua, Joseph grew up in Mangere, South Auckland, and is a former student of De La Salle College.

His sister, Isabel Tua, acknowledged just how difficult [Tua’s death] had been on the family and as a sister in particular. “Being the eldest, you can imagine how much I feel I’ve failed taking care of my younger brother,” she said. “To die for someone is easy. But to stay in this world and live another day knowing my brother is not around – that is the battle I face.”

The Tua siblings had a special quote they all loved: “Never above you, never below you, always beside you.”

This Memorial WOD was created for Tua by Coach Mark Latu of CrossFit 275 (Auckland, New Zealand), where Kilino Jo was once a member.

“The movements in the workout represented some of the work Kilino Jo did, including moving odd objects, loading and unloading etc. Rope climbs were their bread and butter.”

Significance of the numbers:
– Team of 3 = 3 siblings (including Kilino Jo)
– Buy in of 1997m row = year of birth
– 4 Rounds = Years of service with Royal NZ Navy (RNZN)
– 16 Deadball over bar = Day he joined RNZN
– 13 Rope climbs = Year he joined RNZN
– 29 Deadball squats = Day last seen
– 24 Clean & Jerks = Age last seen / Favourite movement
– Cash out of 2017m Deadball march = Year last seen

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