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“Kari Pearce”

Morning Chalk Up Workout of the Week

602 22
  • EMOM in 10 minutes
  • Odd Minutes: 2 Wall Walks + Max Burpees
  • Even Minutes: 2 Wall Walks + Max V-Ups

On a 10-minute clock, every minute on the minute (“EMOM“) complete the prescribed work in the order written.

Score is the total number of repetitions completed before the 10-minute clock stops.

Tips and Strategy

I would move fast on the Wall Walks but keep them clean. V-Ups are going to be faster so focus on getting as many reps there as possible. Obviously I will go fast on the Burpees but really make the V-Ups count! Have to love this PowerAbs workout!

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Background: This is the workout of the week designed by Kari Pearce @karipearcecrossfit for Morning Chalk Up @morningchalkup.

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