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CSP Gym Tribute WOD

5.0K 368
  • AMRAP in 17 minutes
  • From 0:00-6:00, AMRAP of:
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 19 Burpees
  • 5 minutes Rest
  • Then from 11:00-17:00, AMRAP of:
  • 24 Sit-Ups
  • 7 Push-Ups

On a 17-minute clock, complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible (AMRAP) of 20 Air Squats and 19 Burpees for 6 minutes. Rest 5 minutes. In the remaining time, complete the second AMRAP of 24 Sit-Ups and 7 Push-Ups.

Score is the total number of rounds and repetitions completed before the 17-minute clock stops.

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Background: This tribute workout is dedicated to all of the healthcare professionals and frontline staff who risk their lives to help in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Designed by CSP Gym @cspgym (Bray, Ireland) to honour their very own heroes fighting for them in Ireland’s Health Services Executive (HSE).

The rep scheme signifies:
– 20/19 reps for the year of the COVID-19 Pandemic
– 24/7 represents the amazing around-the-clock care healthcare workers provide
– 12 minutes of work to signify the average number of hours of a shift for HSE workers

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