“Hope for Kenya”

CrossFit Tribute WOD

  • AMRAP in 12 minutes
  • 50 Air Squats
  • 30 Push-Ups
  • 15 Pull-Ups
namesake photo
Background: The "Hope for Kenya" workout was developed by CrossFit as part of a fundraising effort in February 2013. The goal of the campaign was to provide "educational opportunities and relief from hours of daily water cartage [to] help Kenyans take major strides away from subsistence farming and poverty. Schools and water cisterns can form the foundation upon which a less fragile life can be built."

The "Hope for Kenya" WOD was an early initiative of what became the CrossFit foundation, stating that "CrossFit can make a major difference for our neighbors on the other side of the planet."

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Movements : Air Squat, Pull-Up, Push-Up
Equipment : Pull-Up Bar
Tags : AMRAP