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by Shaun Spencer

“Hocus Pocus – The Sanderson Sisters”

Coach Creation WOD

1.3K 23
  • 5 Rounds For Time
  • 16 DB Deadlifts
  • 9 Pull-ups
  • 3 Curtis P
  • Rest Two Minutes
  • 5 Rounds
  • 19 DB Overhead Lunge (Alternating Lunge)
  • 9 Toes to Bar
  • 3 Man Makers
  • Finisher
  • 5 Minute Cardio of Choice

Double Dumbbell Deadlift | Double Dumbbell Curtis P | Double Dumbell Man Maker | Double Overhead Dumbbell Lunge

Curtis P = Power Clean, Lunge (Left and Right), Push Press

Weight for DB (Sanderson Rx 75lb / 50lb) (Normal Rx 50lb / 35lb)

Sub pull-ups for ring rows – failing that do bent-over row.

Toes to Bar – Sub for V-Ups

Cardio of choice – Rower, Assault Bike, Skipping rope or running all good options

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namesake photo

This workout is based on the 1993 movie ‘Hocus Pocus’. The movie begins with the Sanderson sisters being killed by the local people in Salem, Massachusetts 1693. But Winifred’s spellbook casts a curse that will resurrect the sisters on the condition that a virgin light the black flame candle during a full moon on All Hallows Eve.

The workout follows 5 rounds of reps 16.9.3 (the year the Sanderson sisters were hung) and 19.9.3 (the year they were resurrected) Adding the total number of reps equals 295 reps. Add the finisher of 5 minutes this equals 300 reps. 300 is the number of years that the Sanderson Sisters waited to be resurrected.

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