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“Heavy Load Short Distance”

GarageGymAthlete Benchmark WOD

132 5
  • 20 Rounds for Max Meters
  • Front Rack Double Kettlebell Walk
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • For every round, carry the two kettlebells in front rack positions for as long as possible. When you reach max distance, set them down and rest for 2 minutes. Repeat 20 times.

Start by carrying two Kettlebells in the Front Rack Position for as long of a distance as possible. Set the kettlebells down and rest for exactly two minutes. Repeat 20 times, for max meters total.

Score is the kettlebell load and total distance completed after 20 rounds.

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Background: This workout from End of Three Fitness was posted to their @garagegymathlete Instagram channel and YouTube, as one of their "Meet Yourself Saturday" series of workouts: "We decided to kick the year off with a bang and welcome all of our new members to an epic Meet Yourself Saturday. Just know athletes all over will be joining. Also, scale accordingly."
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