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Memorial WOD

4.8K 113
  • 8 Rounds for Reps in 4 minutes
  • 20 seconds of Mountain Climbers (2-count)
  • 10 second Sprint

Use a Tabata/interval timer (20 second / 10 second intervals, for 8 rounds – with no rest between rounds). For the 10-second Sprint the athlete should run in any direction (either around a track or back-and-forth shuttle sprints) until it’s time for the next round of Mountain Climbers. For each 20-second period of work the athlete should drop in place and start the Mountain Climbers again.

Score is total number of mountain climbers completed.

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Dedicated to Harriet Kullman. The workout was designed by Marcus Kullman of CrossFit Södermalm @crossfitsodermalm (Stockholm, Sweden), who submitted his “Harriet” memorial workout to WODwell. He created it as a tribute to his grandmother of the same name. Marcus, a fitness class instructor, put the workout together for his classes and said few members would finish it. “It’s simple, but tough. Harriet did sound like a WOD name to me, it’s an old Swedish name. He said “[my grandmother’s] tagline, ‘help yourself,’ could be interpreted as “no equipment needed.”

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