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“Good Friday Battle”


Good Friday Hero WOD

2.8K 21
  • AMRAP in 20 minutes
  • 2 Rope Climbs (15 ft)
  • 4 Deficit Strict Handstand Push-Ups (3.5/2 in)
  • 10 Pistols (each leg)
  • Wear a Weight Vest (10/6 kg)

On a 20-minute clock, complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible (AMRAP) of the prescribed work in the order written. Wear a Weight Vest throughout the workout.

Score is the total number of rounds and repetitions completed before the 20-minute clock stops.


At Home Version
AMRAP in 20 minutes
2 Burpees
4 Hand Release Push-Ups
10 Lunges (each leg)

4 Burpees
4 Hand Release Push-Ups
10 Lunges (each leg)

Continue with this pattern, adding 2 reps to the Burpees each round.

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namesake photo

Background: This workout is dedicated to three soldiers of GOLF Platoon (German Paratroop Bn 373, SEEDORF) who made the ultimate sacrifice in combat during an IED-clearing mission-turned-battle on April 2, 2010, (Good Friday) in the Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

On the day of the battle, the platoon was sweeping streets for IEDs and removing them when they were ambushed by approximately 30-40 Taliban fighters.

During the eight-hour firefight and disengagement from the enemy, one vehicle ran into an IED, and multiple soldiers were injured. Three did not survive.

The fallen soldiers:
– HFw Nils Bruns, 35 years old born on October 1, 1974
– SG Robert Hartert, 25 years old born on June 27, 1984
– HG Martin Augustyniak, 28 years old born on September 28, 1981

This workout was designed by Manuel Schulz & Philipp Imbusch of @goodfridaybattle. The rep scheme signifies the date of the incident and the three movements represent the three soldiers who died from the attack.

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