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by Pete Marjamaa


Coach Creation WOD

391 33
  • 5 rounds for time-
  • 21x Bar facing burpees
  • 15x Overhead squats (95/65)
  • 9x Thrusters (145/95)
  • 20:00 minute time cap

This is a miserable combination of squatting variations and burpees. There is no place to take active rest other than slowing down on the bar facing burpees. Athletes should scale the workout so they can finish in around 20 minutes. Games athletes probably could finish this in under 15 minutes, but simply beating the 20 minute time cap is a solid accomplishment for any athlete.

The key is to figure out where to take short breaks. It’s tempting to just do all the barbell movements unbroken, but that can also send the heartrate out of control.

Reduce the weight so the athlete can go about on the minute with each set of movements for the first 2-3 rounds. Most athletes should be able to get through 4 rounds of this workout.

Beginners or those with poor overhead movement can use dumbbells (25/15) for the thrusters and a dowel or empty bar for the overhead portion.

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