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by Ryan Garcia


Coach Creation WOD

3.4K 130
  • Five 4-Minute EMOMs in 20 minutes
  • Minute 1: 20/15 Calorie Windbike
  • Minute 2: Rest
  • Minute 3: 1 Round of Dumbell "DT" (2x50/35 lb)*
  • Minute 4: Rest
  • *1 Round of "DT" is:
  • 12 Deadlifts
  • 9 Hang Power Cleans
  • 6 Push Jerks

I put windbike because I personally have the Echo Bike, but I know gyms have all different bikes…assault bike, concept 2 bike, airdyne, etc… Any of the above are fine. It will suck either way.

In Min 1, the athlete has the full minute to complete 20 Cals (Males) or 15 Cals (Females). The next minute is built-in rest, so if the athlete finishes their bike early, they get extra rest. If the work takes the athlete into the rest min, they just get less rest.

Min 3 is 1 round of a dumbbell DT which is based on the hero workout with a barbell “DT.” One round of Dumbbell “DT” is 12 Dumbbell Deadlifts, 9 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans, and 6 Dumbbell Push Jerks. The RX weights are 50/35 lb.

For the dumbbell deadlifts, just the front edge of each dumbbell head needs to touch the outside of the athlete’s feet, both heads DO NOT have to touch. For the hang power cleans, the DBs go from the side of the athlete to the shoulders of the athlete clearly breaking the athlete’s frontal plane view. The push jerks can be any shoulder to overhead variation, just ensure full lockout is achieved.

Same deal as the calories on the bike. If the athlete finishes the round in the minute of work, they earn extra rest, if their work takes them into Minute 4, they just get less rest.

Athletes need to do 5 rounds of the 4-minute EMOMs to complete the workout.

Reduce the number of calories on the bike, and/or the weight of DBs.

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namesake photo

This workout is dedicated to my Dad.

My proudest accomplishment as a coach is getting my father into CrossFit, and using it to help him qualify for his first Boston Marathon. I told him when we first started that I wanted to make him into a STRONGER runner. With workouts similar to this one, and 6 consecutive Boston Marathons later, that is exactly what we did!

The concept of starting and stopping, understanding how to pace according to work capacity, and testing the engine with some basic skill-based lifting.

Don’t be afraid to milk the entire minute of work even if you know you can get the work done way faster than the minute of work time. Keep your heart rate as low as possible, and don’t fry your grip and shoulders trying for too big of sets on Dumbbell DT.

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