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“Fraser’s Hardest Workout”

Coach Creation WOD

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  • Every Minute on the Minute for 20 minutes
  • Odd Minutes: 24 calorie Assault Bike
  • Even Minutes: 18 GHD Sit-Ups

On a 20-minute clock, every minute on the minute (EMOM) perform the prescribed work. For odd minutes, complete 24 calorie Assault Bike. For even minutes, complete 18 GHD Sit-Ups.

Score is the total number of reps completed before the 20-minute clock stops.

Tips & Strategy

The goal on the Assault Bike is to use a majority of the minute and hold steady wattage across all the rounds. The goal on the GHD is also to stay consistent and practice catching your breath while still working on the movement.

Scaling Options

EMOM for 20 minutes
Odd Minutes: 12 calorie Assault Bike
Even Minutes: 9 GHD Sit-Ups

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Background: Mat Fraser @mathewfras, 5-time CrossFit Games champion, says this is one of the hardest workouts he’s ever done. In an interview he did with Armen Hammer @armenhammertv, Mat recounted how his coach got him to push so hard: by having another athlete tell him he already completed the workout. It worked; Mat says he gutted through, finished all 20 minutes, and was completely gassed. He only found out later about that other athlete…he didn’t actually finish.

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