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“Double Trouble”

Torian Pro 2021, WOD #4

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  • For Time
  • 30/25 calorie Echo Bike
  • 100 Drag Rope Double-Unders
  • 50 Alternating Dumbbell Hang Snatches (22/15 kg)
  • Time Cap: 12 minutes

This event begins with the athlete on the starting mat. At the sound of the beep the athlete will move forward to the Rogue Echo Bike to perform 30 calories for males, or 25 calories for females. Once the monitor reads the required calories they will move forward to perform 100 Drag Rope Double-Unders, advancing after 50 reps.

When 100 Double-Unders are completed the athlete will move to the Dumbbell to perform 50 Dumbbell Snatches advancing every 10 reps. Upon completing the 50 Dumbbell Snatches, the athlete will control the Dumbbell to the ground before moving forward to a second Rogue Echo Bike to begin the next round. Upon completing the last Hang Snatch in the second round, the athlete will control the Dumbbell to the ground and move to the finish mat. Time stops when the athlete’s foot hits the finish mat.

Score is the total time it takes them to complete the event. If an athlete fails to complete an event within the time cap, their score will be ‘capped’, and they will receive a one second penalty for each rep not completed.

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Background: “Double Trouble” is the 4th of the 7 total workouts for the 2021 Torian Pro Semifinals competition. 

The Torian Pro is the final qualifying stage for athletes in Oceania before the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games. Top 30 men, top 30 women and top 20 teams in North America who already made it through the Open and Quarterfinals will compete. Only the top 5 of each division will make it to the Games.

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