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by David Scharff

“Death by cardio”

Coach Creation WOD

1.0K 20
  • emom
  • 1-10 cal row
  • 2-10 cal ski
  • 3-10 cal bike (flywheel bike)
  • 4-1 min rest

Add one calorie after every round. When you have reached and done 20 cals then the workout is over. Every calorie that you did not do, will convert in to burpees. So if you skipped the last round, you will need to do 60 burpees. If you have consitently missed 2 burpees in the last 3 rounds it will convert in 18 burpees.

The strategy is to slowly increase the speed after each round. Try to really take your time in the first few rounds.

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