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CrossFit Fabriken Hero WOD

1.2K 32
  • For Time
  • Buy-In: 2,000 meter Run
  • Directly into, 6 Rounds of:
  • 30 Dumbbell Floor Presses (2x20 kg)
  • 21 Dumbbell Deadlifts (2x20 kg)
  • 33 Down Ups
  • Cash-Out: 2,000 meter Run
  • Wear a Weight Vest (9/6 kg)

With a running clock, complete the prescribed work in the order written as fast as possible (“For Time“). Athlete will start with the buy-in of 2,000 meter Run. Then, complete 6 rounds of 30 Floor Presses, 21 Deadlifts, and 33 Up-Downs. To complete the workout, perform the cash-out of 2,000 meter Run.

Score is time on the clock when the cash-out is completed.

Movement Standards

Floor Press: This is a variation of the standard Bench Press wherein athlete will lay on the ground instead of a bench.

Down Up: This is a variation of the standard Burpee without the jump and clap at the end of the movement with focus on full hip extension. See Movement Demo

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namesake photo

Background: This workout is dedicated to Police Officer Andreas Danman, 33-year-old born in Helsingborg, Sweden, who was killed on June 30, 2021, while on duty. He and a colleague drove around Biskopsgården, Gothenburg in police mopeds used in the local area. When the shots fell, Andreas was talking to some residents.

Danman was a veteran who had served at the 71st Infantry Battalion, 712th Company with deployments to Mali.

The workout was designed by Coach Henrik Shengor @henrikshengor of CrossFit Fabriken @crossfitfabriken (Malmö, Sweden). He works at the 71st Infantry Battalion, 712th Company where Danman previously worked before starting his police school studies.

The WOD represents his favourite movements and is an expression of his work ethics. 2,000 meter Run in gear is a yearly test at the regiment which he was good at, so the workout starts & ends with that. His favorite exercise was Bench Press so we added the Floor Press, the Deadlift is a staple movement at the regiment and the Up-Downs (Burpees without jump) just represent the dirty grind we go through in training or at deployments. There is no alternative weight since it is a Hero WOD and there is no distinction between male & female in those. – Coach Henrik Shengor

The rep scheme signifies:
– 6 rounds for the month of June when Police Officer Danman was killed
– 30 Floor Presses for the day
– 21 Deadlifts for the year
– 33 Up Downs for his age when he passed.

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