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by Brian Shannon


Coach Creation WOD

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  • 5 Rounds in 15 minutes
  • EMOM for 3 minutes:
  • Minute 1: Max Unbroken Pull-Ups
  • Minute 2: Max Unbroken P-Bar Dips
  • Minute 3: Rest

Set timer for 15 minutes. One round consists of a 3-minute EMOM. Complete 5 rounds. Reps are broken when your hands come off the bar or your feet touch the ground.

Score is total reps completed in all five rounds.


5 Rounds in 15 minutes
EMOM for 3 minutes:
Minute 1: Max Unbroken Ring Rows
Minute 2: Max Unbroken Hand Release Push-Ups
Minute 3: Rest

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Intended Stimulus: This interval metcon tests your planning and your grip strength. These are two anaerobic sets followed by a rest.

Strategy: Both of these movements are for max UNBROKEN reps. It's up to you to decide if max means "to failure" or not. You might be better off saving a couple of reps due to the difficulty in recovering from a true set of reps to complete failure. The goal is volume, but don't sandbag these sets because there is at least one whole minute of rest, or more if you don't spend the entire minute doing dips. Also, they are opposing movements, or should I say (complimentary movements?) so one shouldn't have much affect on the other.
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