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“COVID-19 Pandemic”


Argos Box Tribute WOD

4.7K 56
  • 5 Rounds for Time
  • 100 Box Step-Ups (45/35 lb backpack)
  • 65 foot Bear Crawl Medball Push (20 lb)

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work in the order written for 5 rounds. Athlete must complete 100 Box Step-Ups wearing a weighted backpack. Athlete must complete a 65 foot Bear Crawl while pushing a Medicine Ball on the ground for each round. Athlete must wear the weighted backpack during the Bear Crawl.

Score is the time on the clock when the last round of Bear Crawl Medball Pushes are completed.

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Background: This workout was designed by Coach David Franco of Argos Box @argos_box (Madrid, Spain) to pay tribute to everyone who has been affected and suffered from COVID-19.

From their post, “From Argos we cannot be oblivious to everything that is happening in this unprecedented health crisis. A worldwide PANDEMIC, which is becoming more affected every day and claims new human LIVES. Some of these people touch us closely. And we want to pay tribute to everyone who has died from COVID-19.

A shout of hope to all those infected, who we hope to recover soon, and to the commendable work being done by each and every one of the health workers, auxiliaries, firefighters, police, military, cleaning personnel who fight to eradicate the virus from everywhere. and to the staff of the supermarkets and as well as to all the people involved in this crisis.

Solidarity has no borders and the endless fight of thousands and thousands of people trying to contribute their grain of sand makes the human being not understand politics, social classes and bring out the best in us. Let’s park our lives for a moment and lean on our shoulders to fight together to get out of this crisis soon.”

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