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by Ryan Garcia


Coach Creation WOD

4.3K 103
  • For Time
  • 1 mile Run
  • 20 Eight-Count Body Builders*
  • 800 meter Run
  • 35 Eight-Count Body Builders*
  • 400 meter
  • 50 Eight-Count Body Builders*
  • 200 meter
  • *1 Body Builder:
  • 1: Hands on The Ground
  • 2: Feet Jump Back To Push Up Plank
  • 3: Chest On The Ground (Bottom Push Up Position)
  • 4: Back To Plank Position (Top Push Up Position)
  • 5. Wide Stance (Like A Jumping Jack)
  • 6. Narrow Stance (Back To Plank Position)
  • 7. Feet Jump Forward to Hands
  • 8. Stand Tall

See: 8-Count Body Builder (Demo Video)

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work in the order written. The running distances are straight forward. The Eight-Count Body Builders are a mix between a strict burpee and a squat thrust. Each movement of the body builder consists of hands on the ground, sprawl back to Push-Up position, chest to the floor, Push-Up to Plank, wide stance like a Jumping Jack, narrow stance back to Plank, jump feet forward, stand straight up (no jump and clap).

Score is the time on the clock when the 200 meter Run is completed.

Tips and Strategy

Work to your strengths. If you are a strong runner, use that to make up time lost on the 8-counts, if you are a slower runner, use the run as a rest, and attack the 8-counts.

Intended Stimulus

Should ignite a good cardio response, but should be able to keep moving on the Body Builders.


Scale the Run To Row: 2,000 meter, 1,000 meter, 500 meter, 250 meter respectively. If the athlete struggles with the push-up portion of the Body Builder, they can scale to regular Burpees and hit the down portion more like an Up-Down than a Push-Up.

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Background: 8-Count Body Builders are a staple in almost every military fitness program. I did countless reps of them during my time as a Marine, and I’ve always described them as a more disciplined or strict burpee, because if you try and cut corners, it will show!

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