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by Taco Fleur

“Colossus KB WOD”

Coach Creation WOD

2.8K 56
  • 6 minutes of UKC AMRAP
  • 4 minutes of 50 bent-over rows
  • 6 minutes of UKC AMRAP
  • 4 minutes of 40 bent-over rows
  • 6 minutes of UKC AMRAP
  • Finish with 30 bent-over rows
  • If you finish your bent-over rows before the end of 4 minutes, use the remainder for rest!

Performed with double kettlebells. Rx 16kg for males and 12kg for females. The UKC is the Ultimate Kettlebell Combo by Cavemantraining, which consists of:

Deadlift (squat movement)
Hang clean (squat movement)
Swing clean (hip hinge movement)
Swing (hip hinge movement)
Half snatch (hip hinge movement)
Press (strict)
Drop and repeat

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I designed this kettlebell complex so that the movements build upon each other, from dead to lift, to hang clean, cleaning with a swing, swinging, snatching, and pressing. The whole movement pattern feels very natural and really creates a real buzz. The only thing missing from the pattern is a row which is why I programmed those as sets in between the AMRAPs. The UKC is explained extremely detailed in our book Kettlebell Complexes Made Simple.

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