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by James Fitzgerald

“Close Grip Bench Press”

Big Dawgs Strength WOD

3.5K 17
  • For Load
  • 1 rep max Close Grip Bench Press

Build to a one-rep maximum close grip bench press using a 16” grip width for consistency.

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At the highest loads, the close grip bench press is more than an upper push exercise. Indeed, due to the stress it places on the shoulder at the lowest angle with the scapula stability and mobility being tested, along with tricep, lat, posterior change, and neck extension strength, all in one movement, it’s a great benchmark for isolated upper-body ability.

Good scores:
We are looking for 1.4 times bodyweight and equal to the power clean.

Potential limiters:
• Mechanics in bench press
• Upper body pushing absolute strength
• Instability in the scapula

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