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by Pete Marjamaa


Coach Creation WOD

2.1K 27
  • For Time
  • 400 meter Stroller Run (with your child)
  • Then, 2 Rounds of:
  • 1 minute Baby Goblet Squats
  • 1 minute Baby Good Mornings
  • 1 minute Baby Push-Ups
  • 400 meter Stroller Run (with your child)
  • Then, 2 Rounds of:
  • 1 minute Baby Shoulder-to-Overheads
  • 1 minute Baby Walking Lunges
  • Finally, perform:
  • 400 meter Stroller Run (with your child)

Complete the above run and child workouts as quickly
as possible.

Score is the time it takes to complete the workout.

Tips and Strategy

There is no amount of reps, only time dedicated to each movement, which should allow the athlete/parent to work safely with the child. Put most of the effort into the run where the child is the safest.

Intended Stimulus

This should get your heart rate up and allow you to bond with your child and expose them to fitness at an early age.


Walk instead of run with the stroller. Squat to a target like a raised box or a bench. Perform planks instead of pushups or do pushups on an elevated surface like hands on a park bench. With walking lunges, sub stationary lunges or don’t
touch your knee to the ground.

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Background: This workout is named after my daughter. She enjoys training with me. These movements allow her to be directly a part of my training.

This WOD also allows busy parents to at least do some type of training while closely bonding with their child.

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