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by Ryan Garcia


Coach Creation WOD

2.6K 92
  • For Time
  • Pull a random card and perform the corresponding movement for that card. The number of repetitions will be the number of the card drawn.
  • Red Number Cards = Air Squats
  • Black Number Cards = Hand Release Push-Ups
  • Aces = 1 repetition
  • Face Cards = 35 Double-Unders
  • Jokers = 100 Sit-Ups

With a running clock, as fast as possible draw a card one at a time and perform the prescribed movement for each corresponding card. For all the red number cards, athlete must perform Air Squats with the number in the card as the repetition. For all the black number cards, athlete must perform Hand Release Push-Ups with the number in the card as the repetition. If a black ace is drawn, athlete must perform 1 Hand Release Push-Up. If a red ace is drawn, athlete must perform 1 Air Squat. For every face cards, athlete must accomplish 35 Double-Unders. For every joker card, athlete must perform 100 Sit-Ups.

Score is the time on the clock when all the cards are drawn and corresponding movements are completed.

Tips and Strategy

Minimize transitions. Try not to take extended breaks when flipping a card. Move with a sense of urgency from movement to movement.

Intended Stimulus

Fairly basic bodyweight movements should allow the athlete to move quickly from card to card. The jokers will obviously take the longest to complete, but the total time should be between 15-20 mins on the fast end but no more than an hour on the slow end.


Scale the Double-Unders to 50 Single-Unders.

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Background: Deck of cards workouts are among my favorites because there are many ways to customize and design them, and I like the simplicity of working with whatever you have to make a good working, and being at the mercy of the randomness of the deck can always be a make it or break it factor as well, so no 2 workouts will ever be the same.

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