“Bruised Ego”

CrossFit Southie Showdown WOD

  • For Time
  • 60/50 calorie Row
  • 30 Handstand Push-Ups
  • 60/50 calorie Row
  • Time Cap: 10 minutes

Movement Standards

Row: Men will row 60 calories; women will row 50 calories. The athlete can set the foot straps and damper wherever they would like before the start of the WOD. Athletes will begin in the seated position with the monitor on. Hands will remain off of the handle until the call of “Go.” Must hold handle until calories are completed. A 3 burpee penalty will be assessed for releasing the handle before the full calories are complete on the screen.

Handstand Push Ups: Hands must stay within a 36×24 inch box. Ears must be in line with the arms at the top (similar to a push press) in order for a rep to count. Feet must stay within the hands for the entirety of the rep. Feet may come off of the wall to kip, but must be in contact with the wall at the top of each rep in order for it to count. Hips may be in contact at the bottom of the wall in order to kip, but once the athlete begins to travel back up, no other part of the body can come in contact with the wall. Athletes in the Rx division may also choose to complete strict handstand push-ups. A mix of both is allowed.

"Bruised Ego" was a WOD programmed by CrossFit Southie @crossfitsouthie (Boston, MA, USA)for their 2017 Southie Showdown. It was posted on their site on October 21, 2017.
Equipment : Rower
Scoring : For Time
Category : Qualifiers