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“Bare Cove Travel WOD 40”

Limited Equipment Workout by @rcfbarecove

615 31
  • For Time
  • 10 Rounds of:
  • 5 Push-Ups
  • 30 second Plank Hold
  • Directly into, 3 Rounds of:
  • 100 meter Sprint

With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work. Athlete must perform 10 rounds of 5 Push-Ups and 30 second Plank Hold from the 5th Push-Up. Then, perform 3 rounds of 100 meter Sprint.

Score is the time on the clock when the last round of the Sprint is completed.

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Background: “Bare Cove Travel WOD 40” is from a collection of “travel WODs” (workouts you can do with no equipment) by Reebok CrossFit Bare Cove @rcfbarecove (Hingham, MA, USA) that got discovered and shared by the broader functional fitness community (particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic) after the gym posted the list on their website for their members. The page said, “Don’t let a little travel stop you from a good workout. Here are 50 of our favorite travel WODs that require little to no equipment.”

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